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My name: Andrew Efaw
My Fotopage: http://aefaw.fotopages.com/
About me: United States Military Academy, B.S. 1989 Field Artillery Officer, 1989-96 Penn Law School, J.D. 1997 Civil Affairs Officer, 1996-98 Active Army JAG Officer, 1998-2001 Wheeler, Trigg, & Kennedy, 2001-present JAG TDS, 2004-present
From: Kuwait
Sean Dustman
Latest entry:Key West with the Bride July 2010
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David Huffman
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Amy Efaw
Latest entry:Continuing where I left off
Update on the car: transmission is kaput. $2100 to get it fixed. That makes over $4000 in less than 6 weeks on car repairs (this doesn't include the body work and tire blowouts and etc. from earlier posts). Soccer tournament highlights: Anastasia's team played pretty badly this weekend, but they did play some tough teams. One team was so tough (or at least their players) that Anastasia got kicked in the face while coming out of the goal and diving for a ball, saving a goal. I was standing down on t... View this Fotopage entry
Arianna's new competitive soccer team winning the championship.
CE Ellis
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