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Trial Defense Services (TDS) Deployed
By: Andrew Efaw

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Here are some really spectacular photos of a Silver Strand Beach on KNB. Not a place where soldiers are allowed to hang out but too beautiful not photograph.

19 January 2005:

There is not in all of America a more dangerous trait than the deification of mere smartness unaccompanied by any sense of moral responsibility.
--Theodore Roosevelt, Abilene, KS, May 2, 1903

Hey, three days have passed, and I can’t remember everything that’s happened in the interim. I know there was a shootout between the Kuwaitis and an alleged terrorist group on 7th Ring on Monday I think. That’s a road that I often travel. Then today I was returning to Arifjan and suddenly the gate shut down, soldiers slapped their magazines in their weapons and all the hajji truck drivers were forced to get out of their vehicles. I nonchalantly got out of our NTV (military speak for SUV—means Non-Tactical Vehicle) to see if I could get some intel. Apparently, some TCN guys had an ammo container on their truck and they were supposed to. The bomb dogs smelled explosives, so everything shut down while the truck was towed into the desert for a thorough search. I never heard anything else, so I guess all is well.

On a related note, my friend and colleague, CPT Robert Kincaid III, who works in the Baghdad Office was on his way through Kuwait—after attending JAOAC. He showed me some pictures of suicide bomber that had been taken out by a sniper with a .50 cal in Baghdad. Pretty amazing shot over one kilometer away. Basically, all that was left was a body with the bomb vest and pile of mush where the head used to be. For the first time since Vietnam, we have many snipers that have multiple kills. Just a couple days ago, there was a blurp in the Stars & Stripes about the longest confirmed kill—some guy took out two guys about 1.3 kms away that were mortaring one of our FOBs.

Basically, the last few days have been spent like the next several will be—on trial prep. Doing things like meeting with clients and making sure they will be provident to their plea. Calling parents of clients and sometimes telling them for the first time exactly what it is that their son did. Lovely stuff. Monday was a horrendous work day bec. for 12 hours before the web came back up to full speed, it was slogging along at about 14.4 kps. I felt like the whole day was going in slo mo. Tuesday was when CPT K showed up. He crashed in a spare bunk in my bay and we ran a couple of times. He’s a reservist too. Before mobilization, he lived and practiced in OKC—he’s done a little corporate defense and then went to plaintiffs’ work. He a big bald Scotch Irish guy that Ellis has dubbed the White Morpheus. He’s working one of the higher profile murder cases in Iraq but has done a fantastic job of keeping the media circus at bay (e.g. by not returning e-mails from Sam Donaldson). Ellis and I took him to A-pod this morning and dropped him off. They we swung by Doha and picked up CPT Dygert who is coming to Arifjan from Germany. He will fill the void when I go up north.

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