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By: Andrew Efaw

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Friday, 10-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
A Blast from the Past

10 December 2004:

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
- George Orwell

So check this out. I was in this warehouse of a mess hall today. And this female major walks by, and I know that I know her. I suddenly realized that she had been one of my plebes at West Point 15 years ago and that her name had been Prager but now was probably something different. But she was walking away so I just said, "Prager" in kind of a loud voice like an upper classman. She stopped and turned—I could swear it was facing movement and kind of stood there at attention and said, "Good Afternoon, Sir." It was so bizarre--”like stepping back in time 15 years. I explained to her that she didn't need to use formalities like "sir" any more. Long story short, she's now Major Joanne Moore. She's here as part of 3rd Army's G-5 shop. Very Bizarre.

I’ve kind of settled into a routine here at Arijan. I get up at about 6, do PT, go or not go to breakfast. Then I work until about 8, eating lunch and dinner at some point in the process. I'm starting meet with court-martial clients and starting try to deal some cases. This, of course, involves quite a bit of back and forth negotiation with the Government prosecutors. That's the part I like the best. I wish I could write about my cases, but I can't bec. of confidentiality issues. But they consist of little of everything.

Our new 27D, SPC Ellis, tells me I need to get a life and tried to get ne to go to an MWR Salsa Nite tonight. I laughed and reminded him that we get lots of clients out of Salsa Nite type gatherings. Instead, I called home. Amy and I got to talk for quite a while before the line went dead.

Today was the day that I decided to try and disinfect my Squat. Let me tell you that was job for better soldier than myself. There were enough dust bunnies to form a large posse. And the bathroom, I doubt has ever been cleaned. I'd have given a lot for pair of rubber gloves. Fortunately, lots of cleaning supplies had been left. It's now cleaner than it was. I won't bore you with the details. But it was Gross. I really can't complain and I won't. I'm living the good life compared to the vast majority of the thousands of soldiers here.

I think every former occupant has left something here. I mean there were nearly a hundred item left by former soldiers--like a TV & VCR (both operational); a toaster, an ironing board and Iron; a giant sized container of GNC Whey, packets of miso soup (a good find); Q-tips; a copy of Muscle magazine, 4 pillows (two with pillow cases); 5 towels, multivitamins etc. You get the idea.

Cleaning this place you get an idea of how shoddy the workmanship is. The hardstand buildings are apparently funded and built by the Kuwaiti government. It's so new that the sinks and bathtubs still have the stickers on them. But all the doorstops rip out of the floor, the bathtub is cracked and rusting, the light fixtures have holes cut for them that are too big and a gap shows, the toilet wobbles precariously. . . . . I really can't complain and I won't. I'm living the good life compared to the vast majority of the thousands of soldiers here. I'll enjoy it while I can.

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