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By: Andrew Efaw

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Another Day in Paradise

Here's some more pics from the last month of trips. I also put a ton on January 1st. More pics later:

2 January 2005:

New Year’s Day in the ole combat zone was just another day in paradise. Amy’s absolutely normal chaos in our house is more entertaining (https://amy-efaw.fotopages.com). I’ve really done nothing but try to get substantive work done and ended up just putting out a series of fires. In between, I’m glued to Sky News and the BBC. From what I can tell, the U.S. press has covered the tsunami to some degree, but on European news it is the only story—wall to wall coverage. And given the scope of the tragedy, that’s not surprising. Today the death toll is at 150,000+. I don’t think we can picture that kind of devastation. The stories and footage they have shown are heart wrenching and make me want to reach out and hug my kids, which, of course, I can’t.

Back to here though. On New Year’s Eve, CPT Emery was compelled to go to Baghdad to attend a New Year’s Day deposition. It’s a long convoluted story which I won’t get into except to say that all part of capital murder case. The victim’s wife, a non-English speaking Iraqi, was to be deposed. To make a long story short, after moving heaven and earth to get CPT Emery there, the deponent either did not show or was turned away at the gate by uninformed guards.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ranch Arifjan, the place was gearing up for the big party in the gym. I had planned to work most of the night, but ended up going over to the “party” with my SPC Ellis, my 27D. I figured, I’d keep my 19 year old soldier out of trouble. We first went to the gym where there was something resembling a dance—though it was described to me by the Chief of Justice as a scrum. The lights were down, hip hop was blaring, and a strobe was going. As you came in the door, MWR was passing out all sorts of crazy New Year’s hats, noise makers and tiara’s. I went for the tiara option. There was food catered by local hajee’s—kabob’s and other middle eastern food—and I think it was the best food I’ve had since I’ve been here. SPC Ellis dared me to get my picture taken with some girl he thought was all that but apparently too afraid to talk to—so I did (with my tiara). I’ll get the picture up sometime later. Ellis and I sat on the bleachers, ate, watched, and bet on how many clients the night would generate. You had to be there to really understand it. In the middle of the dance floor were all these guys decked out in all their bling bling with one hand in the air like they were all cool cats and on the outside were the few women that showed but they weren’t about to get in the middle of that pack of male soldiers. It was really pretty funny. Ellis filmed the countdown and so we duly recorded the ushering in of 2005.

The next day, New Year’s Day, I fully intended on getting lots of work done to make up for lost time on New Year’s Eve. I got up after sleeping five hours and ran the New Year’s Fun Run—and was among the first 350 that got the t-shirt. Didn’t really see many troops from the night before, interestingly. When I got back from that run, MAJ Glenn Schmitt had called from Doha to let me know that he was in country and needed to be retrieved. Glenn is from the same reserve unit that I am and was instrumental in getting me here and has been trying for sometime to get himself here. (He’s been cooling his heels at Fort Campbell. And then he went through the mobilization process (that I went through at Bragg) at Fort Bliss. Glenn used to work with Mark Kennedy (of Wheeler Trigg and Kennedy) in Cleveland. Then he decided to get a masters in public policy at Harvard and enter the world of public service. Since then, he has served on the hill as counsel to the House Committee on the Judiciary and has drafted several pieces of significant legislation. Currently, he is the deputy director of the National Institute of Justice in the Department of Justice. We picked up Glenn and he, of course, is not quite sure what day it is yet. I secreted him in my squat and in a couple of days we’ll send him north to southern Iraq to provide TDS services there. After picking up Glenn, I finally got to get some work done on Reply brief that I have been trying to get done.

Today was mostly recovery and catch-up. Glenn and I went for a four mile run this afternoon around the camp. It was a beautiful day. I called Amy via a DSN number that I recently got to Buckley AFB. From Buckley, I just told the operator that I wanted to make a morale call and they patched me through to my house. I got to talk to Amy for two hours, uninterrupted and for free. That was nice, but I am really starting to feel what 365 days feels like and it feels long.

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Local Talented
Somehow the Letterman pictures migrated up here. I guess, when you're a star you can't stand to be out of the lime light. I also put a couple of pics of Camp Virginia down on Dec. 2.

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Miscellaneous Pictures

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29 December 04:
Yesterday, I kinda hit the wall. To tell the truth, I can't remember what I did most of the day. Today, I spent the morning on Day Two of that 32 Hearing that started at Navistar. Things didn't get any better for the government's case. And they just might?ve gotten worse. We're to convene yet again a third day, very unusual for a 32. We're trying to track down a critical witness somewhere in Florida. That's a big prob. Over here--witnesses redeploy back to the states and disappear.

This afternoon was just odds and ends, helping a major draft a rebuttal to his General Officer Letter of Reprimand (GOMOR), prepared for some expert testimony in another case, prepared the closing for one of the pending 32's. At 1700, we were actually done for the day. After going at the pace for so long, it was hard to figure out what to do with the time. So I took a hot shower and just puttered around while watching a lame Van Damme movie on HBO India.

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